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Water sewer bill payments

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1. Where do we pay our water bills?

At the city clerk's office, mail or night deposit on railing at clerk's office.


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1. Does the City accept credit card payments?


2. Where do I pay my property taxes?

At the Clerk/Treasurer's Office at the City Hall.

Licenses and Permits

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1. Where do I get a dog license?

At the Clerk/Treasurer's Office in the City Hall

2. How do I obtain a building permit?

For projects over $500.00, purchase permit at the Clerk's office for $2.00/$1.000.00

3. How do obtain an Operator's license?

Apply at the City Clerk's office

4. What is the dog license fee?

$8.00 male or female $3.00 spayed or neutered

City Topics

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1. How do I get placed on the agenda?

Call the Clerk Thursday before the meeting


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1. How do I regsiter to vote?

Day after the election until the Friday before an election in the Clerk's Office. Election day at the polls with proof of residency.


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1. Are there cemetery lots available?

Yes, contact the City clerk