Dog Licenses Due April 1st

Notice to Owners of Dogs in the City of Pittsville:  LICENSE IS DUE BY APRIL 1, 2022.  According to Wisconsin State Statute #174.05, any owner of a dog that is more than five (5) months of age on January 1st of any year or five (5) months of age within the license year, shall annually pay the dog license fee and obtain a license.  Dog license fees are not included in your tax bill.

All dogs must be inoculated for rabies and must be licensed under penalty of law.

If you have not yet received your license for 2022, please do so at the City Clerk/Treasurer’s office before APRIL 1, 2022.

Proof of Current Rabies inoculation must be submittted before a license can be issued.

The fees are as follows:

Spayed or Neutered Dogs:  $3.00 plus late charge of $5.00 after April 1st

Non-spayed or Non-neutered Dogs:  $8.00 plus late charge of $5.00 after April 1st

Tami Hahn

City Clerk/Treasurer